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Altar of Malice - Week One by Anastaise
[November 16, 2014, 10:35:10 PM]

Altar of Malice Launchs by Anastaise
[November 11, 2014, 03:01:35 PM]

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  • post Paysafe Payment Issue - 21 November
  • Greetings Everyone,We are aware of a current issue with using Paysafe as a payment method. Our team is working on it. Thanks!
  • post Paysafe Payment Issue - 21 November
  • Greetings Everyone,We are aware of a current issue with using Paysafe as a payment method. Our team is working on it. Thanks!
  • post Paysafe Payment Issue - 21 November
  • Greetings Everyone,We are aware of a current issue with using Paysafe as a payment method. Our team is working on it. Thanks!
  • post Paysafe Payment Issue - 21 November
  • Greetings Everyone,We are aware of a current issue with using Paysafe as a payment method. Our team is working on it. Thanks!
  • post New Emotes - 21 November
  • I have already blinded most of the team this morning with it.

Welcome to Fatality!

Fatality is an Everquest2 raiding guild on the Crushbone server.

November 16, 2014, 10:35:10 PM by Anastaise | Views: 54 | Comments: 0

Leaf Strat FTW!!!

November 11, 2014, 03:01:35 PM by Anastaise | Views: 120 | Comments: 0

Fatality hamming it up in the official trailer - see who gets face time!!!

EverQuest II Altar of Malice Expansion [OFFICIAL TRAILER]
August 24, 2014, 01:02:28 AM by Anastaise | Views: 817 | Comments: 1

July 10, 2014, 12:03:19 PM by Anastaise | Views: 1068 | Comments: 1

The Joke is on Bristlebane!!!

June 29, 2014, 09:13:38 PM by Anastaise | Views: 883 | Comments: 0

Amorphous Drake, Fitzpitzle & Yitzik the Hurler die to Fatality

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Classes Needed:
Exceptional Players Only


See here for information about applying to join Fatality!

AoM Progression

Altar of Malice

The Molten Pools
Teraradus the Gorer Dead 11/11
Kerridicus Searskin Dead 11/11
The Crumbling Icon Dead 11/11
Perador the Mighty Dead 11/14

Brokenskull Bay:
Fury of the Cursed
Morin the Swindler
and Barin the Brute
Dead 11/12
Jessip Daggerheart Dead 11/12
Captain Kresnok Alive

Castle Highhold:
No Quarter
Grevog the Punisher Dead 11/12
Zebrun the Torso Dead 11/13
Grethah the Frenzied Alive

Ssraeshza Temple:
Echoes of Time
Gomrim, Zwebek, Tonnin
and Yermon
Dead 11/14
Farozth Ssravizh Dead 11/17
Diabo, Va and
Centi Kela'Set
Dead 11/18
Ka'Rah Ferun Alive
Arch Lich Rhag'Zadune Alive

Ossuary: Cathedral of Bones
Inquisitor Soronigus Dead 11/17
Sacrificer Aevila D'Serin Dead 11/20
Virtuoso Edgar V'Zann Dead 11/20
Protector of Bones Alive
Primordial Ritualist
Villandre V'Zher

Ossuary: The Altar of Malice
Ritual Keeper V'derin Alive
Tserrina Syl'tor Alive
The Construct of Malice Alive

ToV Progression

Tears of Veeshan

Tears of Veeshan
Draazak the Ancient Dead 1/20
Exarch Lorokai the Unliving Dead 4/29

Fabled Deathtoll
Yitzik the Hurler Dead 6/24
Fitzpitzle Dead6/24
Amorphous Drake Dead 6/25
Cruor Alluvium Dead 8/23
Tarinax the Destoyer Alive

Temple of Veeshan:
The Dreadscale's Maw
Cer'matal the Gatekeeper Dead 5/14
Lady Mirenilla Dead 5/16
Lord Feshlak Dead 5/16
Lord Kreizenn Dead 5/19
Irdul of the Glacier Dead 5/20
Bristlebane Dead 7/9
Telkorenar Dead 5/21
Vulak'Aerr the Dreadscale Dead 6/2

Temple of Veeshan: Guardian's Ediface
Sontalak Dead 11/26
Jalkhir Dead 11/26
Caden and Kelplin Dead 11/27
Rarthek the Swiftclaw Dead 12/4
Kigara and Kelana Dead 12/4
Derig Cinderaxe Dead 12/17
Tavekalem Dead 12/17
Grendish Dead 12/23
Aerakyn Commanders Dead 1/20
Merig, Harin and Gerid Dead 1/21
Jardin the Conqueror Dead 12/26
Andreis the Culler Dead 1/9
Pyrelord and Controller Dead 1/21
Klandicar Dead 2/27
Consumer of Bones Dead 3/10

Accursed Sanctum
Accursed Custodian Dead 11/12
Ageless Custodian Dead 11/12
Adherent Custodian Dead 11/12
Subsistent Custodian Dead 11/12
Kaasssrelik the Afflicted Dead 11/12
Protector of Stone Dead 11/12
Toxin Twins Dead 11/13
Legionnaires Dead 12/5
Sacrificer Buran Dead 11/14
Matri Marn Dead 11/14
The Crumbling Emperor Dead 11/20

The Fabled Mutagenic Outcast
The Mutagenic Outcast Dead 2/6

The Fabled Three Princes
Urbaniok, Kulkak & Strixus Dead 1/27

The Fabled Laboratory of Lord Vyemm
Doomwright Vakrizt Dead 1/23
Pardas Predd Dead 1/23
The Slavering Alzid Dead 1/23
Doom Reaver Cheyak Dead 1/23
The Uncaged Alzid Dead 1/23
Uustalastus Xiterrax Dead 1/23
Doomsworn Zatrakh Dead 1/23
The Corsolander Dead 1/23
Euktrzkai Amkaatk Dead 1/23
Lord Vyemm & Alzid Prime Dead 1/23

Velious Progression

Darkness Dawns

The Fabled Pedestal of Sky
Barakah & Siyamak Dead 7/23

The Fabled Djinn Master's Prism
The Djinn Master Dead 8/13

Arena of the Gods
Sullon Zek Dead 7/24
Tallon Zek Dead 7/24
Vallon Zek Dead 7/24
Tunare Dead 7/23
Rodcet Nife Dead 7/24
Mithaniel Marr Dead 7/24
Bristlebane Dead 7/23
Prexus Dead 7/23
Drinal Dead 7/24
Solusek Ro Dead 8/7

Darkness Dawns
Drinal Dead 8/1
Prexus Dead 8/11
Solusek Ro Dead 8/2

Scars of the Awakened

Siren's Grotto
Caella of the Pearl Dead 4/30
Entrancer Lisha Dead 5/2
Priestess Denerva Vah'lis Dead 5/2
Gen'ra Dead 5/2
Gen'ra (Challenge) Dead 10/1
Diviner Gelerin Dead 5/2
Overlord Talan Dead 5/16
Overlord Talan (Challenge) Dead 11/18
Psyllon'Ris (Challenge) Dead 11/19

Chains of Eternity

The Dreadcutter:
The Pirate Kings
Zzalazziz Dead 2/26
Tuzerk Dead 2/26
Omugra, Thazurus and Vuzalg Dead 3/19

Harrow’s End
Caerina the Lost Dead 11/15
Melanie Everling Dead 11/15
Construct of Souls Dead 11/15
Bastion Dead 11/15
Bastion (Challenge) Dead 1/15
Fitzpitzle Dead 11/15
Oligar of the Dead Dead 11/15
Oligar of the Dead (Challenge) Dead 11/26
Drinal 1 Soulwell Dead 11/20
Drinal 2 Soulwells Dead 1/3
Drinal 3 Soulwells Dead 2/6
Drinal 4 Soulwells Dead 2/6

Sleeper's Tomb: Unearthed
The Gloust M'Ra Dead 11/13
Silis On'Va Dead 11/13
Sorrn Dontro Dead 11/13
The Mazarine the Queen Dead 11/13
Drels Ma'Gor Dead 11/13
Ancient Sentinel Dead 11/13
Ancient Sentinel (Challenge) Dead 11/19
Eidolon the Ventani Dead 11/13
Eidolon the Nanzata Dead 11/13
Eidolon the Hraashna Dead 11/28
Eidolon the Tukaarak Dead 11/28
Amalgamon (Challenge) Dead 1/22

Altar of Abhorrence
The Fear Feaster Dead 11/13
Sarinich The Wretched Dead 11/13
Phrinich the Forelorn Dead 11/13
The Enraged Imp Dead 11/13
Baroddas Dead 11/14
Baroddas/Baelon (Challenge) Dead 11/14

Chains of Eternity
Tunare Dead 11/17
Mithaniel Marr Dead 11/17
Rodcet Nife Dead 11/17
Avatar of Conquest Dead 11/30
Avatar of Death Dead 11/15
Avatar of Pestilence Dead 11/14


Plane of War
Enraged Warboar Dead 5/27
Berik Bloodfist Dead 6/3
Tagrin Maldric Dead 9/3
Eriak the Fetid Dead 10/11
Glokus Windhelm Dead 10/30
Commanders Corpsemaul & Goreslaughter Dead 11/11
General Teku Dead 11/11

Betrayal of the Underdepths
Tel'koran Bloodmaw Dead 5/27
Theldek the Stinger Dead 5/27
Dagarn Dead 5/27
Dagarn (Challenge) Dead 6/18
Balor the Primeval Dead 5/27
Belkreiz Blazeclaw Dead 5/27
Ikatiar Dead 5/27
Ikatiar (Challenge) Dead 7/23
Sevalor Gorescale Dead 5/27
Malteor Flamecaller Dead 5/27
Dozekar Dead 5/27
Dozekar (Challenge) Dead 4/9

Sevalak Awakened
Arraken Skyward Dead 5/24
Sargon the Destructor Dead 5/24
Sevalak of Storms Dead 10/2

Vyskudra the Ancient
Vyskudra the Ancient Dead 10/8

Sleepers Tomb
Master of the Guard Dead 9/18
Ingolf Arnar Dead 9/18
Paldar Bladesoul Dead 9/18
Eudoxxus Dead 9/18
Milas Dead 9/18
Milas (Challenge) Dead 10/3

Hounds of War
Avatar of Conquest Dead 9/26
Avatar of Death Dead 9/27
Avatar of Pestilence Dead 10/1

Hexapola Dead 5/23
Kildrukaun Dead 8/16

Sullon's Spire
Challenge Mode
Ragebourne Gregor Haldane Dead 5/23
Hragold the Frenzied Dead 5/23
Mrogr Bloodtaint Dead 5/23
Aaranae Acrimae Dead 5/23
Sullon Zek Dead 5/23

Tallon's Stronghold
Challenge Mode
Aakita, Utehk, Zevitus Dead 5/24
Lieutenant Klaatuus Dead 6/11
Mystikus Terrorwing Dead 6/11
Tyrax Terrolus Dead 6/13
Tallon Zek Dead 6/13

Vallon's Tower
Challenge Mode
Ambassador Grindstone Dead 5/29
Gindan Commander Dead 5/29
Lichlord Skulldugger Dead 5/29
Hand of Vallon Dead 5/30
Vallon Zek Dead 5/31

Destiny of Velious
Soren the Vindicator Dead 5/27